Planning out your weekly food budget

10 minutes is all it takes to write down what meals you plan on having throughout the week. Whether it’s while you ride the bus home, before you go to bed or first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, it just makes life easier. From here, you can easily list out what you need to buy from the shops, and how much. Having this in front of you in words also gives you the option of planning your weekly spending on food, meaning you can plan to keep more money in your pocket.

Here’s why planning out my food for the week helps me:

  • By doing a single food shop at the begining of the week, I don’t have to make extra trips out to the shops for anything I may forget.
  • I can get a pretty clear idea of how much money I will spend on food that week.
  • It becomes much easier to organise how many carbs, fats and proteins I want to be hitting each day, and how I plan to make those targets.
  • Planning ahead means I eat healthier, as I buy fruit and veggies that I will actually eat.
  • It means I eat a variety of food and not just 5 bowls of cereal each day.
  • Knowing what food I plan to eat each day means I can allocate certain times in the week to cooking.
  • I’m less likely to run out of food, and so don’t have to buy take away. One meal out can cost me the same as I would spend on two whole days of eating if I had my own food ready to go.

One of the easiest ways to plan out your meals for the week is to jot down ideas in your phone notes. Check out my list of meals for some inspiration, or similarly my GF shopping list. By keeping a continous list, you will find that it slowly grows, and it ends up just coming down to choosing what takes your fancy for the week. Each week, I like having two main lunches that I will eat every day, and then another three or four meals for dinner or to sub in for a different lunch. I try to cover three meat groups to keep up variation, with the usuals being chicken, beef and lamb.

One last tip is to keep it simple. Eat foods that you like and that you will look forward to your meals each day.