Loves a drunk feed

After a solid night of champagne orange juices and embarrasing dance moves, the end of my night is driven by my growling stomach.

Fast food on the way home is hard to pass up, but only if you can trust whats being made of course. I have to admit that I do splash out and get some Maccas every once in  a while. This definitely is not the high point to my gluten free diet, but I genuinely believe that ordering the right food, and giving the right instructions has kept me safe each time. Back in the day, I worked at Maccas, and made myself food all the time. I would replace the bun with chips. Nowadays, I still do the same thing, but have to be quite clear while ordering as I cant jump over the counter and get it ready myself. The trick is to ask as politely and nicely as you can, because if you get pushy the chance of a low paid Maccas employee being cooperative at 2am goes downhill. My usual instructions are to change gloves, grab the onions/pickles from the bottom of the tub, not use the top slice of cheese on my ‘burger’, and put it all into a box. Usually because they find it funny to make a bunless burger, they are happy to do the strange requests. A double quarter pounder in a medium meal, with a calciyum for a drink is my usual order.



Its not the prettiest of things but when your drunk and hungry my gosh is it good.

Have to keep in mind though that there are particular things at Maccas that last time I checked, are not gluten free. I will always stay away from the fancy stuff, as it is those meat patties that have all the extra no no’s. These include:
– Angus pattie
– grilled chicken
– Big Mac sauce
– All fish

I have also had the argument with someone about the chips not being gluten free, but I argue that they are. It turned out that this special person thought that potatoes had gluten in them. The fries themselves though have their own fryer, only shared with hash browns. Both of which are gluten free. So yes, I do love a good chip.

If you wanna have a check of the ingredients yourself, here is the McDonalds main menu ingredients list.

McDonalds main menu ingredients list

Most other options on a night out are a no go, such as kebabs and KFC. Kebabs are just a cross contamination nightmare, and the only thing thats gluten free at KFC is coleslaw. I’v never had much hungry jacks as they’re either not around, or theres a Maccas close by.

Feel free to leave any other suggestions and ideas in the comments or Contact me, would love to hear them!