The perfect steak

After many over cooked, undercooked and everywhere in between, I reckon that I have found the best way of cooking steaks for me. My general rule of thumb is 1 minute on high each side, and then 4 minutes on medium each side. The key to a good steak though is in the method.

To start with, choose which ever cut you like best. For me a good rump or scotch fillet is always a winner. After turning on the stove top, and lightly oiling up the pan, I will put salt and pepper on the upperside of the steak. Once the pan is warm, place the seasoned side of the steak face down. This will leave the otherside of the steak then ready to also be sprinkled with salt an pepper. If you have some GF worcestershire sauce in the cupboard, drizzle some of the top on each side, just as you do with the salt and pepper.

The way I know that the pans temperature is right is by the sizzle. The sizzle for the 1 minute on high either side should be quite loud. When you turn the pans temperature down to medium, the sizzle should be half as loud. To keep track of the time, I use my phones timer.

image1 (2)

Once the meat is cooked, get it off the pan and either straight onto your plate of rice and veggies, or pop it onto a chopping board to chop into strips for a salad. With this cooking method I hit that perfect level of medium rare 9 times out of 10.

One big tip that my Mother would love to see me giving is too wash up the pan straight away. All it needs is a bit of water, dishwashing liquid and a scrub with a scourer. This just saves you having to do it later, and after the pan has gone cold and everything has dried on it makes the job twice as hard.

For some ideas of what goes well with a great steak, give some of my Dinner ideas a go.