5 minute chicken

Chicken has always been a staple food in my diet, with chicken being in around half of my meals everyday. It has maintained its spot as number 1 protein source for me as it can be cooked in large amounts, with around 5 minutes of effort max.

Chicken is the easiest of the raw meats to prepare, and is just so cheap. At around $15 for 1.5kgs your laughing. All I do is put baking paper or tin foil into a deep metal tray, put all the whole chicken breast in the tray, generously apply general seasoning and then leave it in the oven at 180 degrees for around 40 minutes. That process takes around 3 minutes. One thing I would recommend though is letting the oven preheat for 15 mins before, so you don’t have to struggle with figuring out the cooking time. Once your timer bings, turn the oven off and take it out. The chicken should be perfectly cooked, and then just needs placing into a couple of containers, which takes up the last 2 minutes of effort.

The beauty of the tin foil/baking paper really shines through at the end, because you just take it out and put it in the bin. This saves having to manually labour for 30 mins trying get the dried on chicken juices out. After trying out every way of cooking chicken known to man, this was by far my favourite as I didn’t even have to clean up. An added bonus on the side is that the oven cooks from the inside out, so I know when I take it out after 40 mins, its cooked all the way through

I buy my chicken either from the supermarket in 1.5 Kg boxes, or buy 2 Kgs from the local butcher. Where I buy it from is completely based on convenience, not necessarily quality based. If your mindful of chemical/hormone/additive free foods, than I would recommend the butcher, as you can enquire further into where the meat comes from.

The seasoning that I use is either the classic general seasoning that can be put on anything, or a Moroccan seasoning. Both are great and add amazing flavour to a chicken breast that by itself can get quite bland when you are eating it so frequently.

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With all the chicken in fridge, all you have to do now is either cut it up and put it in a toasted sandwich, or put a whole piece in a container and add in whatever you want on the side. A combo I like is rice, avocado and chopped up tomato. I have plenty ideas of food with chicken, so if you want, check them out in either Lunch or Dinner.