Breakfast shakes

Shakes in the morning is open to a lot more creativity than most of the things I’ll eat for breakfast. The options are so diverse that I usually get confused and just make the same one everytime. Frozen Mango, mixed berries, yoghurt and milk. It works the same mixed with water, just depends on personal preference. Again, If your doing any weight training or just feeling a little extra, a scoop of either strawberry or vanilla protein adds in an extra 25g, and saves me having to have another shake later at some point in the day. Me and shakes have had many good times, but a when I ran out of frozen fruit I thought frozen veggies would be a good substitute. Can confirm I was wrong. A couple of ideas includes:

  • Frozen mango, blue berries, frozen rasperries/ berry mix milk. +/- protein powder
  • Chocolate protein scoop, peanut butter, cornflakes milk
  • Any yoghurt, mixed berries and mango, honey and cornflakes
  • Just a humble protein shake. In the mornings I mix with milk, to add some extra calories and make me feel fuller for longer.
  • Banana, yoghurt, honey and milk