Fruit markets

A great way to cut the cost of daily eating is to source the cheapest foods you can, and for fruit and vegetables the Markets is your one stop shop to saving money.

The markets have almost everything fruit and veg wise you could ever want. The whole place is bustling with life and excitement with stall/shop owners hurling prices and sales to you. The whole joint is a giant mixing pot of cultures and all walks of life, and certainly is an experience. The market I go to is Flemington markets, at Homebush. They run on a Saturday morning and have free parking.

As I generally have the same fruit and vege most of the time, I have my same things that I buy each time. Here’s the list of what I get, and the usual price I can expect to pay.

– A large box of approx 30 tomatoes (medium size) for $8-10

– A bag of approx 15 avocados (small to medium size) for $3/KG

– 10 bananas , with a mix of ripeness at $1.50/Kg

– 3 large sweet potatoes at $1.50/Kg

– 10 Apples at $2-$4/KG, depending on which apples you like

When you do buy box of tomatoes, you do factor in that there is the chance that some of the tomatoes wont be good, as you cant check and hand pick them as with the others. I like the boxes as they are cheaper, and you are saving so much money that I’m happy to throw out a few that I don’t like the look of. You can choose to avoid this however by paying a little more and buying per KG.

The fruit markets are only half of the experience at Flemington. The other half has pretty much everything you can think of in either second hand, knock offs of the real thing or genuine brands. This ranges from clothes, toys, electronics, furniture, fishing gear, shoes, pets and anything in between. If you don’t mind getting in and amongst it, there are clothes for as cheap as they come; for example 3 clothing items for $10. These can be anything from Ralph Lauren, to a local Touch Footy team’s playing jersey. I almost bought and took home 2 live quails for $12 because they looked so cute, but was talked out of what could have been the impulse buy of the year.

There are plenty of these style of markets around, even if it’s just a small-scale local one near you. The prices are usually well worth the trip out and it’s always nice knowing that you’re consuming freshly grown produce. The whole experience in itself is just something I think everyone should try, to see what buying things outside of a shopping centre is like.