Peanut butter toast

This is a pretty obvious one, but again needs to be mentioned as a staple. Nothing too special, but its ready to go in about 90 seconds. Peanut butter was always my go to spread as I didn’t like the sugary sweetness of nutella, and Jam ended up being a no-go due to the pesky cross contamination seagull of my Dad.

Spreads are an easy one to forget about cross contamination, so make sure whatever you use, you spam your name all over the Jar to stake you claim. Another element commonly forgot about for cross contamination is butter. To avoid everyone else’s crumbs that inevitably end up in there, I once again have my own tub. With this being said, I don’t but butter on my toast as I dont really see much point, and again the less fats the better. 

Another cheeky tip for those new to the gluten free game is to have your own toaster/sandwich press, to again cut down on the chance of cross contamination. Im sure this will be mentioned a couple of times, because its a simple one thats easy to forget about.