Rice porridge

Before being diagnosed as scared of bread, porridge made from oats was a regular, there was always a saucepan magically waiting for me when I woke up. I was under the impression for a while that porridge could only be made from oats, and argued endlessly with mum that there wasn’t any gluten free alternative.

Safe to say I ended up eating my words when Mum came home one day and threw a bag of rice flakes at me. I gave it a crack that afternoon, and it ended up being one of my favourite meals in the morning. Once again, chucking in a scoop of protein adds 25g of the good stuff, and adds whatever flavour you like. If your more of a porridge and fruit person then the options are endless, and it doesnt get much healthier.

If you don’t worry to much about what people think of you, it can be put into a tupperware container that doesn’t leak, and consumed on the way to wherever is graced with your presence that day. This is still my best whole breakfast for on the go. I pity the starving people who give me a confused look on the train in the morning