4 bean mix, tuna, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, salt and pepper

While it might look like a long list of ingredients, cutting up the veggies takes me around 5 minutes. This is as close to a salad as I go, because it tastes so damn good, and is probably one of the best on this list from a nutrient perspective. When I make this, I make a big bowl and leave it in the fridge, as it can be popped into a container by itself, or served on the side with any of your fave meals as a ‘salad’. You can pick up the tins of the 4 bean mix from any good supermarket, and as a general rule I would have tins of tuna that are in olive oil, to really bring out the taste. Another pretty simple guideline is to have half bean mix, and half vegetables, add in the salt and pepper and combine. As with any on the go tuna meals, I wont open the tin until Im about to eat it.