Beef burger patties, pasta, cheese and pasta sauce

Honestly I could not pick a favourite between pasta or rice with this one. With this meal theres two options. The first and easier of the two is to buy some pre made patties, cook them up and your right as rain. The second I must admit tastes way better, and is better value for money. I can’t claim this as my own, and the original man with the plan was pro body builder, Calum Von Moger. He coined the term “muscle burgers” and I just had to give them a try. After a lot of trial and error I feel like I perfected the recipe for me. All it involves is mixing the ratio of 1Kg of lean beef mince, 4 eggs, 1 cup of GF bread crumbs and general seasoning sprinkled on top. mash this all up with your hands, squish a handful into a thin pattie shape, and cook on the stove top until cooked as desired. One thing I did battle with though was figuring out how thin to make them. For ease of the cooking side of things, If you think they are thin enough, squish them down again. This just helps guarantee cooking the meat all the way through, without burning the outside. If you pre make with the ratio I just said, you should have around 6 easy meals waiting to be taken out of the fridge, sauced up and ready to go. I personally like tomato and mustard with this one, but anything works.