“The works” omelette

While I might call this one an omelette, It usually just ends up being scrambled eggs with a handful of different things in it. Im still yet to get the hang of the omelette craft and I’m open to suggestions, but the end result is always tasty, and goes down a treat.

I usually have mushrooms, ham, spinach, tomato and cheese in mine. Theres not limit to what it can take though, so don’t be scared to use up some of the random meats and veggies that get left over in the fridge. Some elements however are better when cooked before being added to the omelette mixture, such as the mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. This helps to soften them up and unlock the real flavours.

The finished product, whether it looks like an omelette or scrambled eggs, can be eaten by itself, or put on toast to add in some more filling carbs.