Toasted sandwich’s

This is easily my most consumed meal of any I will ever write up on here. The simplicity, taste and convenience is unrivalled. Consumed hot or cold, fresh off the press or perfectly maturing in flavour in my bag until called upon for duty. Toasted sandwich’s have never let me down and I believe is the most neglected nutrient source available since we discovered fire. My humble $15 sandwich press just sits in its designated spot, loyally waiting like mans best friend in the kitchen. I have heard rumours of a fabled sandwich press from the 1900’s, standing up for the sovereign right of those cursed by a poor gene pool against the mighty vegans. This hero lives on today in the spirits of many, and provides me with the freedom I enjoy and consume today. If there was a uni degree in the sacred art of ‘toasting’ I would be the eccentric middle aged student who doesn’t shut up, because I’m passionately involved in any heated debate remotely involving toasted sandwich’s and I am always correct. I was caught between making a blog and a toasted sandwich appreciation society, where Im the director, regional manager and sole supporter. I ended up having enough time to also make this blog.

For me, 1 meal of toasties is made up of two sandwich’s, both always the same for time sake and are thoroughly enjoyed.

Here is my top 10, based on the ease of making, taste and x factor.

1. Ham, tomato, cheese and sweet chilli sauce

2. Chicken, tomato, cheese and sweet chilli sauce

3. Lamb, spinach/rocket, feta

4. Sizzle steak, tomato, cheese, sweet chilli sauce

5. Ham, tomato, salt and pepper

6. Cut up burger patties, cooked onion, cheese and tomato sauce

7. Lamb, tomato, cheese, sweet chilli sauce

8. Chicken, tomato, feta, salt and pepper

9. Bolognese sauce, tomato and cheese

10. Tuna, tomato, cheese, aioli sauce