Since being diagnosed as a coeliac at the age of 16, my eating habits, daily routines and general well being changed significantly. The genetic predisposition carved out a path of which I have struggled to fit into daily life, but have learned a many things along the way. What started out as barely coping, gradually became an integral part of the walking, talking, toasted sandwich eating machine I have grown into today.

From when I was younger lad, sport was the centre of everything. Over the years this love has stayed with me, while changing its appearance along the way. From wanting to be the next Shane Warne, arguably the best spin bowler in Australian cricket, I gradually progressed onto wanting to be the next Shane Warne, the iconic Australian man. Partying, drinking and showing more attention to the female population become the focus. Eventually my drive for sport found a safe place to rest its head, in the confines of the Iron church. In the gym I would happily sweat and lift away the stresses of life for hours, either by myself or with friends. Eventually I decided to start making a couple of goals, and a healthier lifestyle became one of them, Which leads me up too now.



By sharing the ideas and tips I have picked up along the way, I hope to prove that gluten free living isn’t as bad as you might think, except for the outrageous price of a loaf of bread, that I cant change.

I aim to help people who have ended up in the same predicament as myself,  whom want a change in lifestyle, or are simply after some creative gluten free living inspiration. Hopefully a couple of laughs along the way, as I have still got a lot more learning to do.

To get started, check out a couple of tasty, simple food ideas that wont burn a hole in your pocket.