With the usual morning rush, I keep things as simple as possible. The sight of myself throwing down a bowl of cereal, barefoot and damp haired while running out the door is a regular occurrence. The following ideas have always cut done eating time in the mornings, which plays a large role in being on time.

  • Cereal and proteinQuick, easy, cold and crunchy. For more info click Here.
  • Rice porridge – Wholesome breakie that will leave you feeling fuller for longer. For more info click Here.
  • Peanut butter toast – Who doesnt love a simple piece of toast, whether its peanut butter, jam, nutella or simple butter. For more info click Here.
  • Shakes – With shakes the options are capped only by your imagination. Whether some of these creations taste good may be another story. For more info click Here.